Covid Protocol

In order to keep children and employees safe, the management of Ma Première École introduced new rules and regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic period. All staff pay great attention to hygiene as a rule but even more during this period. Here are the main actions put in place in this context;

Group size and formation:

The groups consist of up to 12 children in the ‘Classe des Petits’ and a maximum of 16 children in the ‘Classe des Grands’. We voluntarily reduce our ratios to help keep everyone healthy. The premises are made up of two rooms, our maximum number of children is 24 and 4 adults. We offer full-time spots, 3-day-a-week and 2 day-a-week.

Food safety practices:

Children's meals and snacks are provided by a delivery company. No food other than the delivery of meals for the children enters the centre. Morning routine for parents and children and health screening: Parents wait outside on ground markings. Only one parent per child is welcomed into the centre in the designated space by an educator. Wearing a mask is mandatory for every adult.


  • Parent/child hand disinfection with disinfectant gel
  • Each member of the team must undergo temperature control as well as each child and visitor before being admitted to the centre (disinfected thermometer between each pass)l
  • Daily health questionnairel
  • Children's clothing will be placed in a box in the child's name by the educatorl

Use of personal protective equipment:

  • Employees wear personal protective equipment (EPI) mask, gloves, goggles at all times in the health control area.l
  • Employees wear a protective mask and visor or goggles throughout the day inside the centre.l

Hand hygiene:

  • Increased frequency of hand washing (before/after meals; after blowing, coughing or sneezing; going to the toilet; touching garbage, raw food; going outside to play; touching dirty laundry or dirty dishes; touching dirty items; coming into contact with bodily fluids; after touching a wound; after using gloves before and after using gloves;
  • Using soap and water as the most effective way to eliminate the virus
  • Use of disinfectant gel

Cleaning and disinfecting:

We pay great attention to cleaning and disinfecting premises, equipment and games, toys.

  • The toilets are disinfected after each use (toilets, sinks, faucets, changing table)
  • Tables, chairs are disinfected several times a day
  • All surfaces are disinfected after each use
  • Beds are disinfected after each nap as well as sheets and blankets (sheets and blankets are provided by the centre)
  • Games and toys are disinfected every day
  • Outdoor equipment is disinfected every day
  • The floors are cleaned every day
  • Door handles and switches are disinfected several times a day
  • The center is ventilated several times a day