We are delighted to announce the opening of a new class for toddlers aged 18 months to 6 years old, starting in September 2023!!

Why Ma Première École?

Ma Première École

Ma Première École is a French pre-school welcoming 26 children from 18 months to 6 years old; francophones, Anglophones and from all other linguistic origins. Programs for JK and SK: Full-time, part-time.

Our Teachers


  • Danielle : )
    My daughter spent nearly 3 years with Carole full time, until starting school at age 4. She loved it so much we still sent her in the summers for two more years. Carole provides very high-quality, nurturing, safe care. Most importantly, she laid the foundation for both excellent social skills and French language skills in our child. It gave me peace of mind to know that my child was safe, happy, and growing as a person every day. I could see and hear her language and communication skills improve everyday, and by age 2 1/2 she could remember songs and poems that Carole worked on with her. I'll never forget my mother's day gift of a poem, recited by my 2 year old. Carole helped my child to feel confident and to learn the people skills she needed to do well in a larger group once she started school. At the Ma Premiere Ecole, the 'vibe' is always positive, helpful, kind and fun. The children are friendly and nice to each other because this is what is modeled around them. They practice good manners, and Carole is encouraging and firm but never authoritarian. They spent time outside every day, they ate good healthy meals and snacks, and they did many interesting art projects that still hang on our walls. I can't say enough how much our family benefited from this amazing program and from Carole's many years of experience teaching French to little ones. Merci!!!
    Danielle : )
  • Ali
    When we dropped our oldest daughter off with Carole for her first ever day of daycare, it would be hard to say who was more anxious - us or our daughter. But from day one, Carole was so kind, patient, capable and loving that it wasn’t long before our daughter considered her family. Carole’s program went above and beyond expectations. It was the perfect combination of structure and creative play-based learning. Originally we were concerned about not having enough French to support our daughter, but she was able to pick up the language quickly and soon understood Carole as well as she understood us. We can say with all honesty, Carole was the best decision we could have ever made for our daughter.
  • Lara
    Carole’s work with children is a gift to the world. My daughter was in Carole’s care full-time from 18 months until 4.5 years. We spoke no French at home, but over time, my daughter learned to communicate fully in French (with a beautiful accent). Carole provides the most secure and nurturing environment while she is devoted to children’s education and development, and her impeccable standards cannot be overstated. She sees the unique ability and potential in each child – far beyond the potential that I could have recognized without her involvement. She went out of her way to create special experiences, making each child feel special, loved, and appreciated. She designs multi-week art projects that otherwise would have seemed far too advanced, yet the wee children accomplish amazing things as they do every step themselves. They take great pride in memorizing numerous songs and poems that they recite on special occasions. Carole provides the most exceptional education available, along with deeply heartfelt care. Most definitely, there is no better way to support any child’s growth and development than to be nurtured by Carole.
  • Julia Bickram
    Carole taught French class at our Preschool for several months. She was a patient and gentle teacher with all her students. Each lesson included colourful and engaging props, things the children could glue and decorate. Carole engaged the children in various French songs which the children quickly memorized by heart. Her style of teaching was effective and pleasurable for the children.
    Julia Bickram
  • Anna Abgarya
    Carole has been teaching my kids since last summer. I couldn’t be happier with a tutor for my kids. She is always well prepared and brings all necessary tools and materials, looks and behaves professionally, has a great approach working with kids and my two little ones enjoy each and every lesson. My son, who is 5, is hyperactive and it is difficult to keep him still, but Carole managed to get him engaged by structuring lessons in the form of games or little stage scenes, so that the lesson is both attractive and easy to digest. My daughter, who is 7, from not being familiar with French, now speaks sentences with very good pronunciation. We loved Carol from the moment she entered the doors. She is approachable, accurate, punctual, and a very nice lady.
    Anna Abgarya
  • Ellen
    We love Carole. She is an amazing teacher and was able to make learning French fun and interactive. She brings lots of energy, thoughts and patience to make every lesson interesting and productive.  My daughter started at age three and I was truly amazed by how well she learned under Carole's instructions. I highly recommend Carole.
  • Ethan C.
    Carole provides lots of activities during lessons like reading, writing, conversations and always speaks in French with students. For reading, she prepares paragraph, stories like interests students, she explains the words and expressions to students with simpler vocabularies in French. She also provides exercises for writing that includes grammar, responding questions from the previous paragraph that the students have read. She always speaks in French during classes and we are all encouraged to speak with her, to have a conversation together like talking about your weekend, school etc. She corrects student’s word usage and explains related expressions that student can use in life. Overall I think Carole is a great French tutor who keeps you engage with French and knows which level the students are at very well and never bores students.
    Ethan C.
  • Phoebe
    I am very happy to be Carole’s student. When Carole teaches me French she improves my reading, writing, speaking and listening. At the end Carole always have fun games to play during our lesson. This also improves my vocabulary in French. After the lesson she always gives me some homework to do, so I can review what I learned in the lesson!!!!!!!
  • Jennifer
    Carole has been tutoring my two sons, 10 and 6, for just over a year.  Both my sons go to a French school, and as a non-Francophone parent, I was always concerned about their learning at school. Carole has certainly put my mind at ease since she started tutoring my boys. She has always been so calm and yet firm, getting work done without ever having to raise her voice.  She is so patient with my children, dealing with their very different personality individually and effectively. She always comes prepared and customizes the curriculum for my children, based on their different needs. Her teaching methodology is so versatile and interactive, and her teaching has never been done in an intimidating manner. So my children have never complained about the extra time they have to spend on French outside of school.  Carole has always been very punctual as well, which sets a great example for my children. Carole is also great in providing me with feedback and reassurance. We all love Carole, and my boys have been compliant with her since day one. With this kind of temperament, patience, self-discipline, virtues, values, and teaching experience, Carole is bound to succeed in whatever her endeavours are.