The Program

The objectives of Ma Première École are based on several axes

1. Peception and care

Ma Première École offers each child a safe environment in terms of health, security, nutrition and the general well-being of the child: the child at the center of his environment with a work in collaboration with the family, the educators and the environment.

2. An education for child development

This objective is based on the Ministry of Education's Early Childhood Education Program on the premise that every child is competent, capable, curious and full of potential. The overall and harmonious development of the five spheres of children's personality (sensory development, affirmation of personality, language development, cognitive development and working methods) is achieved through games, psycho-motor activities, fine and gross skills, workshops and experiments.

The program, in accordance with the foundations of How do we learn? Addresses five main themes:

  • Living together, living in a group
  • Language and communication. Appropriating the language (French)
  • The discovery of the world. The observation, by the child, of what surrounds him, to find his way in space and time, to count, to classify, to reason
  • Acting and expressing with his body
  • To perceive, imagine and feel. Artistic discovery, develop your imagination and your creativity

Please note that Ma Première École is affiliated with ADCO (The Association of Day Care Operators of Ontario) as well as with AFESEO (Association Francophone à l’éducation des services à l’enfance de l’Ontario)

3. Our values

  • Respect for self and others
  • Self-esteem
  • Intellectual curiosity and creativity
  • Sense of responsibilities
  • Openness to other cultures
  • Concern for a job well done
  • Perseverance
  • Sharing and cooperation
  • Politeness and manners

4. Awareness of learning French

Ma Première École creates a living environment in which the child expresses himself in French. All employees interact solely in French throughout the day. Workshops and activities, various games, exercises are provided only in French. Particular attention is given to the book, the reading, and the story presented in French. For this reason, each class has a pleasant and welcoming library and reading area so that everyone can have an enjoyable reading experience.

Workshops on reading (invent a story, finish a story told by the adult, talk about a reading and invite others to share the book ...) are set up according to the schedule of the day established.

5. Learning through play

It is through play that the child explores his imaginary world. Our educational approach, based on pedagogy through play, integrates reading and storytelling, the exercises of pre-writing, songs and nursery rhymes, games with rules and associations, free play. This approach encourages socialization through communication, relationship with others (adults and children) and respect for social rules and norms.

6. Development of the physical and motor dimension

Ma Première école provides a catering service with varied and balanced menus in order to give children good eating habits. A rest period is allocated after the meal to meet the physiological needs of the children.

Every day, one hour of outdoor play is offered to children in the morning and one hour in the afternoon in groups of 14, when the weather permits. Several activities are offered such as synchronization games, spatial orientation, balance and locomotion exercises, jumping, crawling, climbing, group and imitation games, sand and water table (fill, empty, transfer).

7. Development of the emotional dimension

Each child is unique, Ma Première École is a place where expression and taking responsibility are encouraged. For this reason, an environment where the child feels loved, respected and encouraged is established in order to give everyone access to a good self- esteem, confidence in their abilities and autonomy. The children are asked to perform certain tasks of daily life: setting the table for the meal, tidying up the playroom at the end of an activity, tidying up personal belongings after a nap, helping the little ones....